auction info


The Perimeter Town release will begin with an auction of 25 artist-curated pieces, the GROUND ZERO set.

Date: Friday, June 2nd 12pm EST
Starting price: 0.25
Duration: 24 hours

Escrow: ETH is held in escrow by the auction contract until either the auction is concluded or you are outbid.

Trait: Each of the pieces in this set is marked with the GROUND: ZERO trait.

Artist's Statement:

I am delighted to announce the selection of 25 distinct pieces for auction, carefully chosen from "Perimeter Town". This selection represents the pinnacle of my digital painting technique, and brings together the most evocative portrayals of the inhabitants and locations of "Perimeter Town".

Each painting in this auction selection offers an insight into the future I envision. From the eerily uncanny synthetic people to the haunting alien graffiti, every element in these works encapsulates the extraordinary blend of the natural and artificial that defines "Perimeter Town". The selected pieces showcase not only the inhabitants of this future town but also the diverse, and often disconcerting, places that form their environment.

These 25 pieces represent the best of "Perimeter Town" and of my artistry. I invite viewers to embark on a journey into a future shaped by the shadows of our past, a world populated by the uncanny and the extraordinary.


1. Arcade Owner

2. Highway Gang

3. Synthetic Security Officers

4. Encoded Thinker

5. Broken Madonnas

6. Rebel Youth

7. Robot Rat Dog

8. Auto Dealer

9. The Gardener

10. Synthetic Spore Twins

11. Club Entrance

12. Bankers Banquet

13. Concrete Pavillion

14. Liquid Shoot Visitors

15. Midnight Store

16. Back Lawn Cloud Party

17. Saint Christophers

18. Hybrid Queens

19. First Date

20. Transistor Eared Couple

21. Tollbooth Operator

22. Synthetic Bathers

23. Big Pig Hunter

24. Outlaw X

25. Neural Dancers