an indie drop studio for sovereign artists

coming soon: CENTS on Bitcoin

Sovrn Art is an independent, artist-first platform co-founded by Pindar Van Arman, Justin Highland, and Ezra Shibboleth. We value rigorous artistic processes, meaningfully constructed serial collections, substantial narratives, structures that uphold the principles of sovereignty and decentralization, and creators who advance the space. Artists have 100% control of their Sovrn contracts, with full ownership of their art including all royalties.

Curated drops by artists who elevate the cryptoart movement.

Sovrn's curation focuses on artists who make powerful contributions to the space, highlighting unique narratives expressed in the form of serial 1/1 collections.

Drops by emerging artists brewed in Sovrn's creative hub. 

The Sovrn Open was born out of the collective nature of Sovrn's first drop, bitGAN collabs. Pindar Van Arman and Justin Highland formed a creative hub where artists learned techniques from Van Arman and from each other, developing independent collections. 

The Sovrn team tells the story of the platform:

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